Investment Opportunities in Costa Rica

🌴 Invest in Your Paradise: Vacation Property Ownership in Costa Rica with TREI, LLC

Embark on a journey to make a lifetime of memories and passive income with TREI, LLC. Our mission is to offer unparalleled investment opportunities in exquisite, environmentally-friendly, and profitable vacation homes throughout Costa Rica. With a management team comprising both domestic and international development professionals, we ensure each property is expertly built and managed, maximizing return on investment for our partners.

Why Choose TREI, LLC?

🏡 Property Selection:

  • Our collaboration with US and Costa Rican property development teams allows us to identify and purchase prime properties for developing profitable vacation rentals. From beachfront to jungle retreats and luxury urban escapes, our selections are diverse.
    📐 Development Planning:
  • Post-property acquisition, our construction, legal, and financial teams meticulously plan the development. From establishing the concept to constructing a Costa Rica-based team and preparing financials, we lay the groundwork for success.
    💼 Investment Period:
  • Properties are divided into a limited number of investment shares, usually no more than 5. Each share represents a minimum investment amount, and once fully funded, a US-based LLC is established for the property.
    🏗️ Construction & Development:

Managed by our local Costa Rican team, construction is tailored to renter preferences, aiming to maximize occupancy and investor return on investment.
           🏠 Property Management:

  • We list completed properties on renowned vacation rental platforms, including Airbnb. Our Costa Rican-based property managers ensure positive customer experiences and target occupancy rates.
    📈 Investment Management:
  • TREI handles all management decisions and responsibilities, including SEC compliance, fiduciary duties, insurance coverage, dividend payouts, annual reporting, share transactions, and overseeing property management, development, and construction.
    💰 ROI & Ownership Benefits:
  • Vacation and earn tax-advantaged, passive income in a tropical home you own. Quarterly dividend checks start flowing once a property generates income. Each investment share includes a one-week stay at the property you own, making your investment both profitable and personally rewarding.
    Join TREI, LLC in creating a legacy of memories and financial success. Invest wisely, invest with us.

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